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La Gerunda

New GE-GREEN products

La Gerunda Merletti proudly announces the introduction among the products of the Ge-Green range, a coextruded film that has a certified content equal to 60% of Polymer from Waste Recovery.

The Ge-Green series of "La Gerunda Merletti" contributes to protecting the environment by enabling the realization of important sustainability objectives:

. Significant global reduction of plastic waste

. Reduction in the use of fossil resources

. Reduction of CO2 emissions

. Support recycling flows

Available in colored or transparent version, Ge-Green Films is produced according to the most up-to-date co-extrusion technologies guaranteeing consistently the same quality of virgin raw materials. Produced with the use of "second use" polymers in full compliance with the most stringent regulations on recycled plastic, Ge-Green Films has been recently certified and available upon request.


Our initiatives for an eco-sustainable approach:

1. Efficiency and energy savings throughout the production site (ISO 14001)

2. Led-UV printing without any emission into the atmosphere and no use of solvents. 

3. Ge-Green Films 60% certified