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Gerunda Merletti has been Italian leader in Flexible Packagings for 40 years, known for its quality, reliability and guaranteed standards.

Founded in 1970 in the heart of the Po Plain, over the years the company has placed its know-how at the service of its clientele to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. The decision to convert its production operations to specialise in the manufacture of technical films suitable for vertical/horizontal flowpack packaging processes and the choice of flexographic printing as its core business have enabled the company to establish itself as the ideal partner at the European level.

A complete global service is available: 3-ply polyethylene co-extrusion, 8-colour UV/solvent flexographic printing, in-register UV coating, conventional and tear-strip sealing, solventless bonding, cutting, die-cutting&labelling and preforming.

1:1 relationship: skilled staff designated from the outset to oversee the client’s needs: from graphic design to the production process and shipment of the order ... our company will always be able to respond at once in all phases.

LVP (Low Volume Production): Small production lots in line with the demands of a market where cutting industrial costs is more and more important.

Customer Lead Time: Lead times reduced to zero to guarantee exceptional professional flexibility and responsiveness, for unbeatable customer satisfaction.


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